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Three Factors that Cause Injuries in Sports
June 14, 2021

Workplace and Road Traffic Accident Injuries Victoria, Australia


What is WorkSafe Australia?

WorkSafe Australia is Australia’s government statutory agency that develops national policy to enhance work health and safety (WHS). The agency also works to improve workers’ compensation arrangements throughout Australia. As such, it does not regulate WHS laws nor administer the workers’ compensation arrangement.

 What is TAC Victoria?

TAC is the Transport Accident Commission. They are a government owned organisation which helps people that have been injured in road accidents.


What we do at Melbourne Specialist and Orthopaedic Centre

Mr. Arshad Barmare is a senior Orthopaedic surgeon with a wealth of experience in treating patients in public and private hospitals throughout Melbourne. Most of his patients are those with transport and workplace accident injuries.

He has seen patients with acute trauma and fractures and those requiring complex reconstruction surgery after the initial trauma. He also specializes in sports injuries and trauma, and joint replacement. His other areas of interest include shoulder dislocations, hip labral tears, ankle ligament tears, and rotator cuff tears.

Mr. Arshad Barmare and the team are experienced in dealing with third-party insurers, red tape, and surgical approvals processes involving both TAC and Work cover claims. They can work with you to ensure you get the treatment you need, quickly.



How do I make an appointment?

Please contact our clinic at Melbourne Specialist and Orthopaedic Centre to make an appointment.


Contact us at:

Mobile: 0438301804

Tel: 03 9384 6931, 03 9384 6935

Fax: 03 9384 5321

Email at


What to do before surgery?

Once you are through with your pre-surgery consultation, a nurse will call you within 48 hours of your surgery. Prior to surgery, do not consume tobacco, alcohol, or any recreational drugs for at least 12 hours before surgery. It is also important not to eat or drink anything within 6-8 hours of surgery. It is helpful to ensure childcare is taken care of while you will be in the hospital and organise for someone to take you home after the procedure.


What should I do after the procedure?

After the surgery, the nurse will inform you about caring for your bandages and incision, how to make a follow-up appointment, what and which medications to take, and what to eat and drink. The nurse will also advise you on the activities you can do and when to do them

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