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May 17, 2021

Shoulder Replacement and Reconstruction Procedures

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Shoulder Procedures

Mr Arshad Barmare, head of FixBones at Melbourne Specialist and Orthopaedic Centre , performs Total and Partial shoulder replacement  and Shoulder joint reconstruction surgeries. If you’re looking for a Shoulder replacement or reconstruction procedure in Victoria, Mr Barmare is a great choice.

The FixBones team have put together this informational piece to help provide some peace of mind and clarity around shoulder replacement and reconstruction procedures. If you’re already familiar with the team and you’re ready to book your consultation, skip the queue and call us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

We receive a number of common questions from our patients about shoulder replacement surgeries. We’ve compiled some of them below. It’s important to note that most questions can’t be answered on a personal level without a consultation with a medical professional. The following is general advice only, written with the intention of providing you with resources on how to best gather information.

How long is the recovery time for a shoulder replacement?

Total shoulder replacement recovery time and methods can vary slightly from partial shoulder replacement recovery. Recovery time for shoulder surgeries come down to multiple factors including reason for replacement, age, activity level, and any underlying conditions.

It’s best to discuss your concerns in person with an orthopaedic surgeon who provides shoulder replacement surgeries.

Is a shoulder replacement procedure painful?

Shoulder replacement surgeries are commonly performed under General anaesthesia. Pain levels for recovery of a shoulder replacement vary between individuals. This is dependent on your shoulder reconstruction type, age, reason for surgery, and the success of the surgery.

How much does a shoulder replacement cost in Victoria?

Medical procedure costs are different across clinics. Costs of shoulder replacement procedures and surgeries factor in whether you are covered by a health fund, whether or not the surgery is elective, as well as other influences such as government support, age, and necessity. Choosing a private provider for your shoulder replacement surgery may be a more expensive choice, but it comes along with benefits such as the potential to significantly reduce wait times.

Are there any shoulder replacement discussion groups?

Finding a support network for procedures you have coming up, or operations you have undergone, can be a great way to share resources, ask questions, and make friends who have had similar experiences. Mayo Clinic and Bone Smart both have active shoulder replacement discussion groups where you can connect with other patients. If you’re a Facebook or Reddit user, it could be worth using the search function on these websites to find more shoulder replacement discussion groups near you.

Choosing the best orthopaedic surgeon for shoulder replacement procedures

Of course the team at FixBones believes that Mr.Arshad Barmare, our head Orthopaedic surgeon, is the best choice for Total ,  partial shoulder Replacement or Reconstruction surgeries. However, we truly have the patients’ best interests at heart, so we recommend booking consultations with several surgeons to decide which one makes you feel the most comfortable and confident in your procedure.

To book an obligation-free consultation with Mr Arshad Barmare, give us a call today.


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